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Take The Guilt Away From Your Next Cigarette

Whether you’re looking for a solution to quit smoking, or are starting to encounter health issues and need a healthier way, ANTI TAR® is here for you

Best Cigarette FIlter Singapore

✅ Prevent nasty tar from reaching your lungs

✅ Reduce coughing and shortness of breath

✅ Relieve sore throat and bad breath

✅ Quit smoking without withdrawal symptoms

✅ Get rid of stains on teeth and fingers

What Type Of Smoker Are You?

Perfect for occasional or light smokers

AT300 Mini Filter Tips

From $21/box

Perfect for regular or heavy smokers

AT470 Triple Tar Filter Tips

From $21/box

Smokers will love this gift, there is no expiration date, no other better gift!

limited time offer up to 40% Expires:
January 23, 2023

Here’s How ANTI TAR® Can Change Your Life?

helps quit smoking

Say Goodbye To Smoking

If your goal is to quit smoking, you can! ANTI TAR® filters trap most of the nicotine, making you less addicted and minimizing withdrawal symptoms.

Many early adopters report being motivated to cut back on the number of cigarettes they smoke after just one week.

capture tar from cigarette smoke

Maximum Tar Filtration - Same Taste

ANTI TAR® filters are the ultimate generation of filters on the market, combining the venturi effect with a wide enough vent allows for the majority of tar, nicotine, and toxins to be trapped without affecting any of the taste.

Start Healing Your Lungs

Don't let your lungs look like charcoal! The photo on the left-hand side was taken by a surgeon operating a 52-year-old man. This is what your lungs look like if you smoked a pack a day for over 20 years. But don’t give up, it’s never too late!

Improve Your Health - No More Coughing and Shortness of Breath

One of the early benefits of using ANTI TAR® will be easier breathing and less coughing. We hear it from new customers all the time! When you decrease the amount of harmful stuff you put in your lungs, your body doesn’t have to work as hard to produce phlegm.

3rd gen filter tips

Smoother Suction, Easy Inhale, Anti-Drop, and Comfortable on the Mouth

Internal and external ANTI TAR® filters are designed with safety and precision in mind. Providing a wide vent and edge lining allows for a smoking experience that is comfortable and pain-free.

Your Success Is Our Success


My cough disappeared!

This is a fantastic product! I was starting to have a morning cough and some restricted breathing. I smoked 1 pack a day all my life and it started to really worry me. After 3 days of using this product my cough disappeared! On the 4th day, I could feel the air filling my lungs with every breath, apparently removing the tar completely regenerated my body. There was no difference in taste, smoke or airflow by using the filters. Thank you Antitar. You just saved my life!


Amazed with the taste and the amount of tar it can filtered.

For past 10 years i’ve been using cigg filter. By far this is the best, great taste, great tar filtration. Always feel satisfied after every puffs. For most of my friends that i recommend to use filter,they disagree and say that its not satisfying. But when they tried ANTITAR they are amazed with the taste and the amount of tar it can filtered. Honestly i don't even smoke if i cant get the hand of ANTITAR. Its just taste weird.Better still, its FREE DELIVERY!


They are rather expensive, because they are---just worth it!

I could hardly believe what I saw after just 4 ULTRA-LITE cigarettes. It was shocking to see what each of the three filters included in the tip filtered out. Just incredible. I understand now why they are rather expensive, because they are---just worth it! It must cost your company a LOT to produce such an efficient filter. It will be hard to go back to the other basic just-tar single action filters. If I weren't 71 years old, I would seriously consider quitting or only relying on your filters no matter what corners I had to cut to do so. They were everything you said they would be. They drew easily, gave me plenty of smoke to exhale, trapped unbelievable amount of crud. I will be your best advertisement from now on, literally show people the filter(s) I have used. I am positive you will be getting some orders from friends of mine!


I can’t recommend it enough!

Amazing product! I have to say, I got this product 2 times for my friend. He was smoking 20 fags a day and now he’s dropped to just a few, and the few he smokes don’t harm him as much with these new filters. He now realized just how much tar was getting into his lungs with every drag and it changed how he views smoking. ANTITAR was extremely affordable and it arrived in a timely manner. I can’t recommend it enough!


Still as satisfied as ever.

I just received my 3rd order and I’m still as satisfied as ever. I also gave a few filters to my friends and family, some of them even said that this is one of the best gifts they ever got... I was like: “Really? Better than chocolate, a bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers? Haha” So thumbs up to Anti Tar and a million stars from me ♡ Highly recommended!


Reduced my smoker's cough within the first week...

They do work reasonably well and they helped me reduce my smoker's cough within the first few days, it’s almost completely gone after almost 2 weeks. The amount of tar these filters keep from your lungs is incredible and it adds up fast, I came to a point where I struggle to smoke a cigarette without these filters. Personally, I don’t plan on quitting, but using these at least gives me the confidence knowing I don’t have to worry about my health as much as I used to.


I felt like this was the next best thing.

I bought these for my dad after spending years trying to get him to quit. When I saw the ad I felt like this was the next best thing. So I ordered them and they lived up to their promise! He really likes this solution because it doesn't change the taste of the cigarettes and you see the tar building up immediately which is a great incentive. My dad always gives them out to friends to try and it always strikes an interesting conversation. They arrive with a small carrying case so you can store them without problems.

ANTI TAR's Vision & Mission Is To Improve The Health & Well-Being of Smokers.

Our #1 priority is maximizing tar filtration so you can enjoy smoking without any of the harmful health consequences. However, a significant amount of nicotine is also trapped, reducing your smoking addiction and making it easier to quit without facing the withdrawal symptoms.

Our new customers report feeling better in as low as 5 days from adapting the filters!

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