Helping You Quit Smoking Gradually

The perfect solution for those who have difficulty to quit smoking or encountering health issues.

Best Cigarette FIlter Singapore

✅ Protects lungs from most of the tar

✅ Reduces smokers cough & shortness of breath

✅ Relieves sore throat & bad breath

✅ Helps reduce & quit smoking

✅ Minimises stains on teeth and fingers

ANTI TAR's Mission

1. Tar Filtering

Our main primary goal is to maximize tar filtration effectively, to improve our customer's health concerns, and at the same time encourage them to quit smoking. Most of our customers who had health concerns on coughing issues reported they had stopped coughing and lesser phlegm as fast as five days of continuous usage.

2. Air Flow

This is our secondary goal, as much as we want you to achieve the pleasure of quit smoking, it is all depend on your personal preferences & habits. While many of our customers are fine puffing with filter, certain people may not used to it. 

Rest assured that your money is well spend for better health quality.

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January 15, 2021

Why Choose ANTI TAR?

helps quit smoking

Helps Quit Smoking

Perfect complement for those who want to quit smoking gradually. Gradual reduction means reducing the number of cigarettes smoked to zero over a period of time. It works by slowly reducing nicotine intake to minimise withdrawal symptoms until you find yourself stopping completely.

Many of our customers have said that using ANTI TAR has helped motivate them to cut back on the number of cigarettes they smoke

cigarette holder

Maximum Tar Filtration & Maintaining Same Taste

Third generation tar filter tips design combines both double filtration technique and venturi principle to filter 90% of tar and other additive toxic inside smoke. Rest assured, you can still enjoy smoking knowing the filter will do all the work to give you safety and protection

Protects Lungs from Dangerous Tar

Protects Lungs from Dangerous Tar

Don't let your lung become like charcoal like the left side photo. This is the actual lung photo taken out by a surgeon from a 52-year-old man who smoked for 30 years and died because of multiple lung diseases.

reduce smokers coughing

Reduces Coughing and Shortness of Breath

The reduction of smokers cough is by far the most common comment we hear from our customers. We hear it from those who have used ANTI TAR filters for a few weeks, as well as those who have used them for years. When there is no more tar inhale, your body doesn't need to work hard to produce phlegm removing tar and other toxic chemicals.

ANTITAR Cigarette filter

Smoother Suction, Easy Inhale, Anti Drop & Comfortable on Mouth

Internal and external filter are well designed with perfect measurement, providing a rectangular vent for smoother suction and edge lining for comfort on the mouth

ANTI TAR vs Other Brands


Other Brands

Other Brands


Anti Tar™ AT300

ANTI TAR AT470 Triple Filtration Cigarette Filter


Filtration Layer

❌ 1st Generation Filter

✅ 2nd Generation Filter 

✅ 3rd Generation Filter

Filtration Technology

❌ Single Filtration - Less Tar Filtered

✅ Double Filtration - More Tar Filtered

✅ Triple Filtration - Maximum Filtration

Tar Filtration Effectiveness

Air Flow Smoothness

Mouth Vent

❌ Classic Vent - Slower Suction

❌ Thick & drop easily from mouth

✅ Rectangular Vent - Smoother Suction

✅ Anti Slip & More Comfortable to Bite

✅ Wider Vent - Smoother Suction

✅ Anti Slip & More Comfortable to Bite

How Many Cigarettes Can Be Used?

8 x

(It does not capture a lot of tar, that's why it can be used 8 x)

2-3 x

(Capture a lot of tar, that's why using 2-3 x already full)

5-6 x

(Bigger storage tank, so it can be used more often)

Cost per cigarette




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