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5 Proven Ways to Get Loved Ones to Butt Out of Your Smoking Habit

I had my first cigarette in 2002, during a New Year’s Eve party—Remember when we could smoke in bars? As clear as day, I still recall coughing up half a lung when I took that first hit. I also remember throwing up my hands in protest as to say ‘no more, I’m good’. But as the butt kept getting passed back my way, I started to enjoy it. A lot. The taste, the nicotine hit, the buzz it gave me. Since that night I never stopped.

5 Ways to Get Loved Ones to Butt Out of Your Smoking Habit

Now, two decades later, everything's changed.

If you’re like me you, your wife (or partner) scowls when you light up . . . friends call you “anti-social” when you step out for a smoke. . . and health-nut colleagues turn their nose up at you every time you return from a break bringing that mild scent with you.

To top it off, my wife tags me in anti-smoking posts on social media day in, day out.

But after years of badgering, I started thinking there has to be a solution. Because I’m not going to quit, but the same tired-old excuses I’ve been saying for years have run out of steam.

I started tossing around new reasons why I smoke. After testing over one hundred reasons, I landed on a few less obvious, yet super-effective ones to silence the naysayers. I call them my Butt Out reasons. And I’ve listed them below so you can light up without getting the third degree.

Butt Out reason #1: Admitting is the first step

Does this sound familiar? You may know it as ‘Step 1’ in an AA program—but also, from Kanye West’s track Bound 2. But hear me out for a minute.

When friends would grill me about smoking a pack-a-day habit, I flat out denied it. I would run through a laundry list of excuses to defend myself. None worked. Ever. Then, after one too many times I admitted it: “Yep. You're right, it’s a habit.”

Once I acknowledge it, essentially, I answered their most burning questions. But sometimes that's not enough. So I follow it up with this:

Butt Out reason #2: “I love everything about it”

My anti-smoking friends seem to struggle with this. Yet, when I express how much love to light up, they’re left puzzled. Yet, this is something only us neglected smokers can understand. The lung penetrating inhale followed by a soul-satisfying exhale. Non-smoking folk simply can’t begin to understand how good the sensation feels. It’s akin to inhalable candy.

When I mentioned the look, the feel, the taste and the comfort it gives me, sometimes I get the feeling they want to experience what I do daily. Multiple times day. But they'll never admit it...

Butt Out reason #3: Comfort, relaxation, relief—all in one hit

We all cope with stress differently. Some do yoga. Others meditate. I smoke. And I'm sure you know that feeling. . . you're getting slammed at work, stress-levels are rising and that tightening feeling in your chest creeps up on you. We've all been there. And you also know, nothing melts that red hot stress like a 10-minute smoke-break. The stress floats away like the smoke in the breeze.

And this is one thing I tell co-workers: “no matter how stressed I get, nothing beats a cigarette to loosens that vice-like grip I feel in my chest when I’m stressed about a deadline or some fire that needs to be put out.

Butt Out reason #4: Soothes nerves, keeps your mind sharp

One key reason why I’ll never kick the habit: nerves. Why? Because a smoke break means you can take a moment for yourself—dial it down a notch and forget about the trappings—all in 10 minutes. (And, let's be honest, it's a good excuse just to get out of the office from time-to-time.)

My anti-smoking wife and friends simply can’t fathom the intense calming effect a cigarette has on your mood. It's almost like therapy.. . .

Now, my next Butt Out excuse is not mine. Instead, it was a co-worker who put me onto this product after she noticed my torturous smoker's cough each morning.

"It will curb that cough in just a few days. . . and make smoking healthier for you." (Her words, not mine!)

It sounded ridiculous, a 'healthier' way to smoke?

I was skeptical but curious. On my following smoke break, I slipped this small plastic tube on my cigarette and puffed away. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. The smoke was smoother. I might argue, richer, without the harsh tar feeling you get on the back of your throat.

But that's not all. After one cigarette, I could see the plastic tub catching all the black tar. And for the first time in a long time, it didn't feel as if my lungs were gasping for air.

This was a game changer I had been looking for.

Not only did it lessen the severity of my morning cough after three weeks of use—it’s now my go-to excuse to keep lighting up.

Here’s what it’s all about.

New:  Smoke purification technology eliminates smokers cough and excess tar build up in as little as three weeks WITHOUT reducing the number of cigarettes smoked per day.

Butt Out reason #5: “I Trap the tar before it reaches my lips”

Nowadays, before I light up, I attach a nifty filter that traps tar from reaching my lips. It’s called the AntiTar Cigarette Tar Filter. And it’s my secret weapon to neutralize cancer-causing tar from every reaching my lungs.

Once I started using AntiTar Filters, my wife and friends noticed I was still smoking, but nowhere near as much. They were over the moon to see me go from 30 plus cigarettes a day down to seven, or less. And that’s what matters the most. If your loved ones see you making an effort to lower your habit, the nagging reduces too.

What's more, the AntiTar filters don't cost the Earth. A month's supply starts from as little as $0.25 per filter and you can use it for up to three cigarettes. Once you’re done, simply toss them in the rubbish like a butt. No need for washing or rinsing. (Not bad for something that traps up to 90% of tar from entering your lungs.)

This is the most perfect dream for millions of smokers! It's the new healthy way to smoke. Check it out!

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